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FAMILY...I definitely think of the Manginelli's when I think of the word 'family'. Kindhearted, funloving and very real!!
As lead pastors of Mill Creek 4 Square church Chris & Jenifer hold a very special place in my families life...along with Phil & Emily who are the youth pastors (and very much have a gift with relating to the youth!!). Although their sister, who is a missionary in Turkey, was missing, it was still great to capture them sharing some family time together.
It was Emily's idea to have me come and spend some time getting photographs of everyone together, separate, celebrating pregnancy, cousins, and couples. We colaborated a bit, picked a nice day (yep we had a nice day in WA) and made it happen!!
The kids are looking forward to welcoming a baby sister, due to arrive in a month or so. Maybe Jen is looking forward to welcoming her more as she nears the end of her pregnancy however I don't think I have seen her look so radiant! She is absolutely beautiful!
And the cousins do not hold back when it comes to loving each other...they are super close and its fun to see them bonding with each other. Thank you Manginelli's I cannot wait to meet the new baby, she will be the perfect addition to your family! 05.20.11