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Where to start about Nancee!!? When I think of Nancee I think of a crazy curly haired (although its straight in these pics) always bubbly woman! BUT I also think of LOVE. Nancee oozes joy, happiness and LOVE. I have known Nancee for over 10 years. We have been through A LOT together. She knows me in a work environment, personally and in LIFE in general. I feel so blessed to know her, when I am around her it's just happy...even in a serious conversation, it's supportive and it's one of those relationships where you can honestly say 'She gets me'...and I get her!
Her family...Tom and Tim (and Tims gorgeous girlfriend Chloe) are dear to me too. As I get to know them more and more I see how much joy they bring to Nancee and how they have such a special bond.
Nancees boyfriend Pablo is kind and sweet and I can see why they both are endeared to each other. He makes her smile even more (IS THAT POSSIBLE?) and I can see a spark in his eye when she looks at him.
Nancee you are refreshing and amazing...I love you dearly and we will always have a bond! 10.20.14