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Tim & Sherry Muchira were some of my first clients. Sherry is a talented singer and song writer and Tim is equally as talented as a musician. I first photographed them when she was recording her first album and needed an album cover. Later when pregnant with their first child Adia I had the pleasure of photographing them again!! When Adia was born Tim's mother was also here from Kenya so it was awesome to capture them all together.
This Christmas Tim's 2 sisters flew in with their families and were able to spend Christmas together so of course a family photoshoot was in order. Not to mention Sherry is pregnant with their 2nd daughter so combining as many pics as we could seemed like the best idea.
It was fun to catch the teenagers interacting with little, sweet Adia and all the other family combos they had.
These siblings have a bond as well as the full family. Energetic and braving the cold, just a wee bit cooler than Kenya at the moment, we made the sites of Everett work and shared some laughs while doing so.
I am thankful for families like this that helped me start my business and trust me with their memories!