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She is kind, beautiful...well stunning really, a business woman, and simply just LOVELY.
I met Melanie a few years ago. I have had the privilege of photographing one of her 4 sons (yes 4) senior portraits, her business headshots, as well as a boudoir session she did as a surprise for her husband!
Melanie is someone who takes incredible care of herself. Both internally and externally. She is very in tune with how to fuel her body and at almost 50 it shows!! She knows how much TLC and work she needs to do in order to look and feel her best and WOW does she ever look incredible!! I mean incredible!!
Melanie is a realtor for Sotheby's International. Driven, motivated, with a huge heart she is inspiring to be around!
It was a few months back when Melanie emailed me with a proposal to join her in Hawaii and do a swimsuit photoshoot. Initially I thought 'how? its summer, timing, kids etc. etc.' THEN...somehow it all came together. I happened to have that week free, and a fellow friend and photographer from Vancouver BC, Lindsey Donovan agreed to join me! It was amazing.
We relaxed a bit, then decided to do Melanie's shoot one evening and then the next morning to mix up the lighting a bit. We had an incredible sunset and also included a few 'sassy' photos with her husband John.
I am all about getting down and dirty to get "the shot" but never did I realize I would have sand in many places and water gushing all around me in order to get the angle I wanted! SOOO worth it.
Melanie...thank you...thank you...thank you...for an experience I will never forget and cheers to more travel! I hope you can see the results of all your work for and ladies, this really is inspiration for 50 is the new 30!