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Megan...a spunky senior from Snohomish High...ready to explore the world and head to college!! However she's not rushing it too much as it seems she is taking in her senior year enjoying all that 17 has to offer. I have to say I loved being able to do these pics as Megan not only babysits sometimes for me but lives 2 doors down. My girls see her dog barking at the end of their yard and we all will miss Megan and her smiley self when this year ends. Thank goodness all these gals come home to visit.
My daughters joined us on this shoot and it gave both Megans mom, RaeAnn, and myself some my daughters are pushing boundaries and nattering at each other RaeAnn reflected on her girls and how fast the time flies and they are all grown up. Urging me to savor the moments, even the fights and take the time to enjoy all ages.
You guys are a fabulous family and I am so glad to share not only our neighborhood with you but the same side of the street!! 10.16.14