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This's almost a direct reflection of my own...just fast forward 12 years!! Charlene & Pat, amazingly wonderful, kind, strong parents who absolutely love their girls. Maddy & Sami, sisters that certainly love each other, but are also very different...each with their own drive and personality that seems to suit them to a T. I did Sami's senior photos in April but we thought it would be great to get some family and sister photos when their oldest daughter Maddy came home from College on break. Sami has this spark about her and I LOVED seeing her again with spunky attitude -Maddy being the big sister, holds her own...serene, but has that look in her eyes, and a gorgeous smile. It was fun to spend a bit of time with her...and as can see they love each other, Sami looking up to Maddy but not always taking her advice. I am sure (as in my own family) there is a battle of the wills, but to see this family laugh together despite getting ready to have an empty nest was so fun!! I always love having a connection with my clients and I don't think I will ever forget this family!!! 05.20.12