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Mandy & Lucas…high school sweethearts, best friends and the love of each others lives!
Lucas graduated from college and got a job with Foster Farms but it was in California. Of course Mandy was moving with him, I mean being apart would be ridiculous! SO a few years ago they moved from Washington to Gustine, CA, bought a house and are loving their life together. Mandy works at a chemical company and has come to adore the California sunshine!
It was 10 years of dating and a trip to San Jose…a golf course with a beach at the end…it was quiet and she was savoring the silence and the fresh ocean air. It was then she turned around to find Lucas on his knee. She knew he wasn’t picking rocks but rather had one for her finger! He asked…she said YES! And now it was time to get planning.
I first met Mandy at her cousins wedding in 2011 but I had to admit when she called me in the Spring I had to go through those wedding photos to place her. She was so bubbly and charming over the phone it took no time to feel like I had known her forever! When she said she wanted to book me right then on the phone I was ecstatic. She trusted me to capture her day and I couldn’t wait to meet the two of them in person. We knew most of our communication would be via facebook and email as they weren’t arriving back in Washington until the week prior to the wedding to do their engagement photos!
For their engagement session…we found a golden field with a long road. Kind of indicative of their journey to marriage. 12 years in total and now ready to be Mr. & Mrs. Scott. They are still smitten with each other and simply happy!
After looking at multiple venues they decided it would be fitting to tie the knot at her parents farm in Mount Vernon. No time constraints, open areas and a rustic barn that they could decorate as they liked. I know their wedding is going to be amazing as she has a ton of family and friends collaborating to bring it all together…not to mention all the little details she has planned herself. 07.31.13
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