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I am so blessed to get to see these girls every year!! AND that they live a bit closer too me, kinda like neighbors! It was one of those sessions where it was a bit brisk outside and the girls weren't that thrilled to be frolicking through the wet grass. Of course I thought the fog was cool but truthfully they didn't care. As parents we want so badly for our kids to 'deal' and give us those smiles we know they have for just a few minutes BUT when it doesn't happen it's rather disappointing (however it's very normal). The good thing is between a few distractions, acting like an idiot and of course bribery things have a way of working out. Or maybe it was letting them scream...when we told them to 'cry cry cry' ended up leading to laughter.
I love that they were my first client in my new studio. Of course we aren't quite done BUT it was fun to try out a blank canvas and let them warm up, eat their cake pops and play in their jammies...the best way to be as a 2 & 4 year old and as sisters. Thanks Brooke & are fabulous parents and I think in the end it all worked out! 01.26.14