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Sometimes it's fun to remind myself what it's like to be in front of the camera. I want to understand what my clients feel like to 'not know what to do with your hands' or to 'not know where to look'...Also to be unsure as to if we got 'the shot'. So what better way to fully understand (plus have a little fun) then to coordinate a shoot where I have to be in it!!
My husband second shoots weddings with me so naturally he was on board to shoot and play with some lighting. I met a makeup artist (Zach Smith) at the Smith wedding last fall and he asked if I wanted to collaborate on a shoot...UM YES PLEASE!!! So my friend Jess Caskey of Caskey Design, who has amazing style, and another friend Lizzie, who can turn on 'the look' (and surprised even herself) got together and made it happen! We didn't have a ton of time but to end up with a few shots that we all love was soooo worth it.
I always end up learning so much from something like this. Posing, lighting, camera settings, and letting go...all worth the time and effort spent to be a little uncomfortable and grow!!!
Thank you to my husband for putting up with my banter, Zach for his time and expertise in perfecting our skin...and Jess & Lizzie for rockin' it out!! Much love!