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Amy and I used to be in the escrow world together. She knew me to be her co-worker, boss & friend! It was a crazy time...kind of interesting to look back and think of all the different facets of life that happened while working in an office together.
Now...I have my own business and she has moved back home to North Dakota, married a farmer, a man she has known for years and they have a new addition...almost 3 month old....little Miss Kenley!
Kenley wasn't much for smiling however she did endure many outfit changes and fell asleep just in time to have a peaceful, serene picture on my neighbors backyard bridge.
Amy's family lives in WA and having photographed her twin cousins last year it was awesome to see them all again and meet 3 yr old Abby.
Of course everyone is in love with Kenley...especially Grandma. They are now on the road driving home to ND and have some photos to enjoy along the way!
Wonderful to see you again AMY!!! CONGRATS! 06.19.13