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Their best friends are brothers so when their friends’ dad died the funeral was the last place John expected to find love. John, single, and hangin’ with his buddies watched as Kaety and her sister walked through the food line. Loading her plate with mini desserts he loved her confidence and was intrigued. “Who is this girl and why have I never met her?” As he watched them walk to their table Kaety obliviously enjoyed her sweets and didn’t realize she had an admirer. TILL LATER…when she happened to notice him watching her. She was shy and coy but decided to ask her friend about him.
As they both inquired about each other their friends dismissed it and played it off that John was not the right fit for Kaety! John & Kaety disagreed and after exchanging numbers the texting began. John didn’t realize how much one could text. How he could type so much at one time and be addicted to his phone AKA the girl on the other end! 2 ½ years later they decided to move into together and then only a few months ago John was ready to make it official.
John was on top of it, taking the initiative to pick out the ring but in the back of his head he thought ‘maybe I should ask her sister what she thinks of the ring…’. He asked Kaety’s sister Krista to join him and after seeing John’s pick Krista was supportive BUT kindly re-directed him to the RIGHT one! John graciously obliged and was grateful for her input (or so he says)!
John had found a cool barn around Silvana, WA. He thought since Kaety has always loved photography he could suggest they go and take photos of this barn. In the meantime he hid the ring in the barn and thought they could ‘search’ for it together. As John pulled the heavy barn door open the barn owl that lived there swooped down and although John expected it, Kaety was a bit taken back. Kaety clung to John, took a breath and decided to keep trusting him as they continued walking and climbing up on the bales. He had hid the box in between 2 bales and was trying to get Kaety to reach in and look for it. Kaety, super skeptical was not reaching into anything dark inside this barn. After trying to convince her John finally grabbed the box himself. Unsuspecting Kaety was shocked…she thought John had found a random ring and was soooo excited! Excited to pawn it and go on a sweet vacation! John just stared at her and smiled…finally she realized…”OMG he is proposing!” AND as you can see she said YES!
We did their engagement session around Snohomish and these two are FUN! Changing in their car, doing squats on the highway and almost catching their hair on fire! Just part of getting the right shot!
They are planning their wedding for August 2014 at the Monte Cristo Ballroom in Everett and I can hardly wait. Congratulations Kaety & John. 08.26.13