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We met Alex & Alayne almost 14 years ago. We had just started attending a small group at church and they were there. As the group grew,changed and life took over we lost touch. Always remembering them and their cheerful personalities 12 years later we run into them again. As the junior high pastor at Gold Creek Community Church, Alex and Alayne are very involved in the community. They have a heart to serve and are just as cheerful as ever. Their kids, Tia & Dylan have connected with our kids and I absolutely LOVE that we have reunited with them. Alayne is a talented artist in her own right. She makes awesome, custom hand-crafted Sterling Silver jewelry stamped with phrases and names...check out her fb page Bytwilight Jewelery. I am ever so grateful to have them in our life and I love that our friendship is growing!! 09.08.12