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Some were unsure, most were not. But after hearing Natasha assume Joes laugh his roommates knew she really loved him.
He sang to her, she smiled and her heart melted a little bit more. They did their choreographed dance and no one else seemed to matter.
They met while attending Yale…sharing a glance then a smirk and now tons of laughs. AND let me tell you when it comes to laughter these two know how to share it!
Natasha & Joe were married at Fireseed Catering on Whidbey Island. A gorgeous venue for an equally gorgeous couple. I can’t help but smile when I think of these two. From the moment I met them in Starbucks, through their engagement shoot, till the wedding, it has been an honor and so much FUN to know them.
As I watched Joe walk his groomsmen through the bowtie tying process you can tell his passion and gift is teaching. Natasha, graduating a couple of weeks prior to the wedding and now an Ophthalmologist can see clearly that she made the right decision in pursuing Joe.
Their family & friends gathered to support these two. The acapella group Joe was part of at Yale serenaded us. And Natashas dad danced up a storm!! Just when I thought he was the serious one of the bunch he busted out the dance moves and owned the dance floor.
They enjoyed Spain for their honeymoon, and if I know them I bet they sampled any and all the cuisine they could. Now settling into married life and preparing to move to CA these two have a life of happiness ahead of them!! 06.09.12

Thanks to Fireseed Catering - what a beautiful venue!
Flowers by Courtney Kroymann at Designs by Courtney
Bridal Gown from I Do Bridal, designer, "Forever Yours"
Hair by Jon Paul
Make up by Ji-Hyon Kim (aunt of the bride)