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Ending 2014 with family photos for the Johnsen family seemed only fitting after photographing Jace’s milestones this year. He loves his mom & dad, not to mention his dog, Ruger so photos of them interacting is important. I wish I had a sound bite to add to these photos…Jace’s giggle as his dad threw him up in the air and as Brandie spun him around was absolutely priceless. Of course Jace tired of the camera shortly after the laughter but we tried to keep him moving and busy and unaware of what we were up to! Adding a few photos of Brandie & Matt at the end is key…as parents we tend to forget that we need photos together too…so as Matt learned that ombre hair had nothing to do with a sombrero, they laughed and walked and I caught Brandie & Matt together for a moment as they maybe were pre-parenthood! Only a moment though, then reality called! Thank you for a year of great moments!! 11.07.14