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As we watched the family interact waiting for Jenn & Ty to make their grand entrance into the reception, Jenn’s Grandpa Bill gave me some great advice…”Enjoy life”…”Life is too short to spend with someone you don’t like…you have to like em’ as much as you love em’”. Well that much I know to be true with Jenn & Ty. They love to be together. He is shy and although she may not show you right away, as Jenn’s dad puts it “Jenn has spunk”.
These two were surrounded by a big family with much love & support. Jenn’s sisters reminisced of their years being big sisters to her. Alycia, having a real life doll to play dress up with (‘protect’ as she called it). And Sheila letting everyone know of Jenn’s soft heart as she was quick to say “Sorry” even when she decided to write it on toilet paper…creating special “Toilet paper banners”.
Ty is pretty quiet, but quick to be the first to help out or to volunteer to fix something. Jenn’s family put Ty to the test pretty quick but he surpassed all their expectations as he gave of his time and energy to help out with random projects and most importantly spend extra time with Jenn.
Kyle, Ty’s best man, wasn’t sure if he truly was Ty’s best friend BUT knowing he was chosen as the best man due to his good looks he took on the role. He has witnessed Jenn & Ty’s relationship first hand as he lived with them for a bit. He has watched them grow together and although his clothes don’t smell near as good as they did with Jenn did his laundry AND Ty made him wear pink vests for the wedding…he knows the two are a perfect match and have many years of happiness ahead of them. 03.31.12
Thanks to:
Jenn Wenman of Willows Lodge, an incredible wedding coordinator.
Brit Solie for beautiful florals.
Jannelle Narancic for the wedding cake.
Tracy Olund, Makeup artist
Alex Erlandson, Hair Stylist