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They are family...and family is important...and so is documenting the growth and change that is about to come. Mark & Jennalee are my cousins and live only a mile from my parents. It was so much fun to trudge through the snow, "ENJOY" the cold and capture them all together before baby #2 arrives. They are up for the surprise of waiting (I have to say she is more patient than I)...and Ryder is starting to get the idea that life is about to change. The hardest thing about this shoot was seeing all the beautiful areas of trees and NOT being able to get to them. I had a vision of being in a forest like setting and as I started to make my way into the snow I sunk in up to my waist...NEEDLESS to say that idea went out the window and we stayed in front of the trees rather than in them! Congratulations and I can't wait to meet baby! 03.10.13