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We went to elementary school together but in Grade 5 she moved away. Truthfully it was only about 25 minutes from our current town but somehow at that age it felt like another country. At that time, no facebook or cell phones existed (or email for that matter...yikes I am dating myself) so keeping in touch was a bit of a challenge. Fast forward 20+ years (yep dating myself again) and with technology Lesley and I reconnected.
She has been married 17 years and her 2 beautiful daughters have the same piercing blue eyes as their mama! When she heard I was visiting family in Saskatoon she asked if we could do a photoshoot. Um yes please! Reconnecting, snow, and some could I pass that up!? So we endured the chilly Saskatchewan breeze and took in some of the lovely white stuff! We managed to find an indoor area at the University that was perfect for them as well (it also provided a lot of entertainment as many types of students passed by and wondered what we were doing)!
It was lovely to have coffee with Lesley, do her makeup like teenagers, share about life and all that comes with that. It was an absolutely joy to photograph you and your girls!! 03.07.13