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I first met this mother daughter pair a couple of years ago. Amanda was in her senior year and one of my first clients. They put their faith in me and I have loved their facebook friendship ever since. Fast forward 2 years...they have had their own journey. Beckie, realizing that she was living life vicariously through her daughter and now, her daughter has graduated and with that comes moving on, Beckie has decided to live life for herself. She is making better decisions and choosing health...choosing life!! In the past year she has been one determined lady...working out and eating right and taking one step at time...if you wonder does it really make a difference? The answer is YES!! One year later and 100 pounds lighter Beckie is on her way to the new her. Amanda is a huge support to her mom and is very proud of her!! I love their bond and their story. They wanted to take this time to document this milestone which I am glad they did. Since graduating life is ever changing for the two of them but the best part is they are as close as ever and its a real life success story! Keep going Beckie!!! 11.01.12