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Twins, sisters, best friends!! I love getting the chance to photograph twins. These two came super prepared and ready to enjoy an evening together. It was sunny but we took it all in cause you never know how long summer will last in Seattle!! I met them through their cousin whom I used to work with, and what seems like forever ago!!
Polite, happy and content with who they are, they are very confident young ladies!! Erin did the session without her glasses so as I pointed and immitated poses she humored me pretending to see me...then I would clue in and we would laugh. Thanks for putting up with me Erin.
Both girls have a beauty each their own...Erin loves pink and sometimes the wind would blow her hair just the right way and was the money shot!!
AND Kate has that burns through the camera...then she would smile and look absolutely radiant. Thanks Amy for "introducing" have some gorgeous cousins! 08.24.12