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It all started a few years ago, one Sunday morning at church during the liturgy…a few more Sundays went by and they realized they had more and more in common. Ebram used to be a musician and since she loves music too that was a natural topic of conversation. They both enjoy the peacefulness of nature and quiet times simply….together.
Dina describes Ebram as straight forward, loving, caring and sincere…she says ‘ He is definitely my soulmate’.
Ebrams words about Dina…’She means the world to me. Her smiles lights up my day EVERY day…and since we have met no matter what happens she makes me smile. She is the most loving and caring person. She is funny and cute and has my heart’.
She ‘helped’ him select a ring in December and were officially engaged January 14th. They had a bit of a time figuring out the wedding date so they have since settled on 09.03.16.
They are super excited and can’t wait to spend their life together. They love each other deeply!