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It was a blind date, Sol agreed to go but blind dates never work out. Right!? "Hmmm...he's pretty handsome...this might work out after all". Ok maybe that's not exactly how it happened but regardless after 2 years of dating and meeting blindly it has TOTALLY worked out!! She knew something was up on a weekend trip to Portland. Daniel, pacing and acting rather nervous decided to just pop the question rather than wait for later in the weekend...that way he could relax and they could enjoy their mini vacay together! She said YES and now they are hitched! The Tyee Yacht club had a beautiful view on Seafair weekend and although there wasn't much breeze on this upper 80's day, these two were calm and as cool as could be. Super casual and easy going it was a joy to share in their day with them. As both of their best friends stood by their sides, they said I DO and are now wondering why they didn't get married sooner!! 08.04.12