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Well when it rains it pours...and I love it when my clients are up for makin' it work!! I think I say this everytime I see the Collins family...I LOVE seeing these kids grow and man I cannot get enough of their blue eyes!! Averie has this natural sparkle to hers...crazy...and Jack well he is just plain CUTE!!! It was sprinkling out..ok maybe more of a drizzle...a heavy drizzle at times!! BUT we found a little nook with a cranny to the side and I absolutely love these pics.
I love that I know Cristiana & Steven well enough to be able to joke and make light of the stress that comes with getting ready for family pics. Somehow the truth always comes out when I take the 'couple' photos about how the morning went getting ready. Honestly it's real life and that's what makes the world go round! 10.27.12