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She was supposed to be ‘working’, he offered to be her tour guide. They stayed up all night talking and next thing you know he moved to WA state , theybought a house…got engaged…& now it’s all about planning a wedding!!
Christie and Craig’s ‘work hard, play hard’ attitude sure keeps them laughing. Honestly they just glance at each other and break into full smiles. I know that is what’s written in the handbook of ‘How engaged couples should act’ (I am sure there is a book out there somewhere)…but not all do.
Finding that special someone isn’t easy anymore with traveling work schedules and being on the go every evening, but when these two met, it was worth every text, late night phone call and risk of moving to make it happen.
They are getting married at Hidden Meadows next August and I can’t wait to see all that Christie has planned! 08.06.12