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I have known Jon & Kelsie for quite sometime...photographing them, their 3 babies, Kelsies family etc etc. When Jon said his family was interested in his full family being photographed how could I say NO. Not to mention they are CANADIAN. Alison & David are the proud parents of 3 daughters and a son...who also have now blessed them with 4 grandchildren. It was a fun filled morning with all of them catching moments between grandparents and grandkids as well as Aunts and Uncles all interacting. Christy & Steve are expecting another baby late this year who I am sure will be a wonderful sibling for little Bennett (18 mos). Stephanie & Kyle just were married and Jen is enjoying singlehood.
My friend Lindsey who is a photographer in Vancouver assisted me that day moving chairs and props around and helping to distract the kiddos.
Lovely to always meet such kindhearted people...I loved our crazy morning!! 06.08.14