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Family photos…while on vacation…and taking them myself…not always a great idea! We had big plans to go to a nearby hotel with some pretty palm trees…however gathering 12 people including a 4 year old that wasn’t sure what attitude she was going to have…well let’s just say it wasn’t happening.
So what do we do…we take photos in the condo parking lot! With the Florida sun blazing down on us I noticed a purple dumpster across the road!! “Sweet I” I thought…a little color & texture. Of course my parents were wondering “What is she talking about…there is a beautiful fountain at the pool” – nope no fountains for this girl! So we did our best to gather different combinations, as well as a local Floridian (I love that word) to snap a group photo!
Of course Heidi had some good moments and then some, well let’s just say…not so good moments, but we snapped away and this is what we ended up with. I love seeing how everyone interacts together and especially that my parents are still so in love! I sometimes can’t stop their PDA’s…you would think they are high school seniors how giddy they are but no just real seniors!! I love who they are!! And in the end…my brother caught a couple photos of Bob and I – I love them…both the fun and serious cause it’s pretty much a true reflection of our life. We have so much serious but to know with just a ‘dip’ we can have some fun!