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Allison & Melanie…sisters, twins, friends!! These are two amazing girls, actively on the Crew team and heading to UW with scholarships!! They are so friendly and love to laugh. Allie wasn’t feeling all that great but you would never know by her photos. The family joined in for some of the photos and it was super fun to see how they all interact together. I think Isabella was showing her older sisters how to pose and give the camera all the ‘looks’. And Maple (the family dog) joined us and dished out some nice slobbery kisses! Kirsten & Scott are wonderful parents- raising 3 daughters and dealing with busy schedules while working together at their own insurance business! We were able to take in quite an afternoon & evening of sun…I loved catching that magical light at the end of the evening. It made me so happy to hear Melanie say at the end of the session “I have always wanted a picture in a field of flowers and now I have it!”….that is why I love what I do! 05.13.12