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I’ve known Amy for years & they have been dating for just as long…Finally Chris did the right thing and as Beyonce would say…‘put a ring on it’!! I first met Amy in the escrow world…where yep-I was her boss…she was my faithful assistant, and soon to be friend. We have been through a lot - did I mention A LOT - together and after not seeing her the past few years it was WONDERFUL to pick up right where we left off (but in a much better place). OH and Chris…we should include him in this love fest…I think they dated the entire time Amy and I worked together and this was my FIRST TIME meeting him…what!? I think he was trying to avoid the escrow world (and I can’t say I blame him)!
I have to say these two just love to laugh together…they tried to be serious and all lovey dovey but it always seem to end up with ’bust a gut’ laughter!! Even when Chris would whisper in Amy’s ear about spreadsheets, somehow that made her crack up. I guess that is true love!!
They had a competitive game of Thumb War but I think the pictures show it was a pretty fair game…of course I may be leaning towards Amy being victorious!!??
With Amy being a Nurse Practitioner (sooo proud of you Amy) and Chris being in construction their busy schedules keep them…well…busy!! So…they are off to Hawaii in May to tie the knot officially!!
I am so happy for you guys…Amy you will forever hold a special place in my heart. A huge chapter in my life happened while working with you and you certainly helped the most stressful of days be that much better!!! CONGRATULATIONS….you are perfect together!! 01.08.12