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They had passed by each a thousand times. Being neighbors in college had allowed for many morning “Hello’s” and random mini conversations. Never thinking too much about it they always went on their merry way continually passing by each other with a friendly wave.
They aren’t sure how or when it changed but it did. The morning “Hello’s” lingered accompanied by coy looks and big smiles. The mini conversations turned to late night talks that they wished would never end. They walked to class together, studied together, found time for lunch together…soon becoming inseparable.
Two years later Brian knew it was time…time to make it official so he started planning.
It was December 29th 2012 at Snoqualmie Falls. They were early for their dinner reservation so they decided to take a walk up and down the pathway overlooking the falls. Before heading back inside, as it was rather chilly, Brian took Alyssa off to the side, picked her up, placed her on a rock, dropped to his knee and said the most amazing words than she could even begin describe. She was taken back by all he professed to her and then SHOCKING her even further he opened up the ring box!! Her mouth dropped open in complete awe. Still trying to process all he just said and now looking at this gorgeous ring…she realized saying YES was the right thing to do!! She said Brian didn’t even seem nervous as he proposed with such ease!! Must be that it was meant to be!
After that they headed inside for dinner and then back to his parent’s house. On the way Alyssa was trying to call all of the family to let them know the exciting new….no one was answering their phone!! Feeling a bit frustrated Brian convinced her to just wait to call them until they arrived back to his parents house. When they walked in EVERYONE WAS THERE! Parents, brothers, sisters, significant was perfect, and so fun to be able to celebrate with both families that night.
It’s now been 3 years and they are planning their wedding for October at Hidden Meadows in Snohomish, WA.