Pushing Past Fear and Taking the Chance to Learn

January 04, 2017  •  1 Comment

I must admit I really never liked school.  Reading a text book and applying it…hmmm not so much.  I did go to college and yes I did study…BUT watching and learning, talking things through now that’s a style of learning that really resonates with me.  

I never want to be above learning.  Whether it’s a You Tube video, an online class or simply a conversation with a new perspective…I always want to be open and willing to learn.  I mean gosh, I certainly don’t have this job or life all figured out.  In case you didn’t know… I am a parent, and shortly into parenting everything you think you know…your kids reiterate to you that you don’t. 

With weddings being intense and everyone managing them different, not to mention workflow, posing, and all that goes into dealing with a day that is multi-faceted…I thought why not attend a workshop.  Even if I learn a just few additional nuggets it would be worth it.   And meeting new people in the industry…even better.   

As I poked around Instagram one day I saw a workshop called Vine &Flourish by Kristen Marie Parker & Carly Bish.   Of course being in the industry you hear names, and see images everytime you click on anything social media wise.  So I followed links from page to page almost as if I was skipping through a field…and pretty much with a hop, skip and a jump, decided right then to sign up! 

It was a day filled, like full, full to the brim with a variety of topics, conversation, struggles, shooting, food, editing, and laughter too!   It is always encouraging to hear how others navigate situations, and how they deal with both the business side as well as the personal side of it all!

I think my biggest take away from the workshop was getting deeper into extracting organic emotion.  It’s what we all want to see in photographs… but when placed in front of the camera with tons of eyes on you I realize it’s hard for people.  Giving them things to do, subjects to talk about, ‘fun-tivities’ (as Kristen calls them, gosh I wish I would have coined that term)…it made me step back and really begin to feel again.  Putting myself in their shoes…to sometimes let silence do the talking …and…simply remembering to breathe.

The workshop also pushed me to consider one day sharing all I have learned...I am not a big public speaker (somehow a bridal party of 24 doesn't intimidate me but put a podium in front of me and whoa...I want to throw a blanket over my head and hide) but mentoring and sharing my own experiences.  2016 was a year filled with huge lessons...the word to describe it for me...perspective!!  We each have one...they are most like all different AND if we let it, it can be a powerful way to learn.  Between my past life in the escrow industry, customer service, traveling and now the photography world there is a lot to share and a lot to gain from listening to others!

Thank you Kristen and Carly for your perspective...for so many things you brought to the table that day…and for sharing your talent and love for what you do with all of us.  I loved connecting with gals from all over the country and seeing such new and different perspectives.  

Learning is the only thing the mind never exhausts, never fears and never regrets’ –Leonardo DeVinci

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Carrie Nelson(non-registered)
I really love what you wrote!! Especially the part about "extracting organic emotion". Sometimes, it is very difficult to do.. In between poses, I will sometimes sneak a few pics of an individual or a couple to try and capture their natural state. Sometimes it fails, but there are times when those "secret" shots turn out to be my favorite.. :)
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