A HUGE Thank you...

January 10, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

When I started this journey in 2010 I truly never knew it was what I always wanted to do.  People have energy and I love being around them.  My clients have a way of being contagious and even if I am trying to make them comfortable in front of the camera they always have a way of impacting me and I feel, I leave more encouraged than they do. 

Everyone has a story and people are absolutely intriguing.  We are all  different yet have so many similarities.  Being married almost 18 years there have certainly been bumps in the road.  Big bumps, little bumps and some potholes as well.  Let's just say I could definitely use a few construction zone signs here and there! 

Being part of peoples happiest day, seeing their chemistry, their love, their fairytale come to life is an both honor and emotional.  Emotional to remember those times as well as knowing not everyday is a fairytale.  Challenges come and real life sets in...what I am learning is life is often BOTH.  Fun and serious.  Good and tough.  A fairytale mixed with doses (sometimes large doses) of reality.  AND somedays...are like groundhog day...wake up, eat, work, work, did I say work, sprinkle in some motherhood, maybe rinse, and repeat!

Without my clients who often become friends, and without these construction zones I don't think I would appreciate what I have. 

With that being said...A HUGE virtual HUG and THANK YOU to all my couples!!  Thank you for your kind words and taking the time to post a review.  Referrals are the majority of my business and without you I wouldn't be able to do what I do!  THANK YOU is hardly enough...



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