Alexa+Kyle:: Hidden Meadows

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She was 15 and his bright orange Dodge Challenger caught her eye.  She knew at that moment she would marry this boy, her neighbor, the one she admired from afar.  Now Kyle being 19 at the time didn’t feel the same about ‘the neighbor girl’.  Never calling her by her first name Kyle continued to reference Alexa as ‘the neighbor girl’ to his parents, leading them to believe he wasn’t interested.  That was until one night Kyle hesitantly said to his mom ‘Mom I think we have a problem’.  His mom thinking she knew exactly what he meant looked over but before she could speak Kyle interjected ‘I am in love with the neighbor girl’.  It was then Kyle's mom knew these two were going to make this happen. 

These two definitely know how to love.  He admires her from afar but also appreciates her up close.  She gifted him with a special photo album with photos for his own eyes only.  As he flipped the pages and started to blush his groomsmen were rather inquisitive.  But having respect for his bride he kept it to himself. 
Alexa, adores Kyle.  Everything about him.  Tenderly caring for him and all of his hobbies.  They do everything together and have a bond stronger than super glue.
They were married at Hidden Meadows and it turned out to be a perfectly beautiful day.  A few hiccups along the way didn’t stop these two and their adventurous side.  We decided to go off site for a few photos in town and at the flower fields.  We made it back just in time to join the bridal party as they waited at the venue for photos. 
The ceremony was short and sweet and performed by Kyle’s cousin.  It included the children she nannies and two meaningful readings by Alexa’s brothers.   They kissed and made it official and celebrated down the aisle.
As cocktail hour began, we snuck in family photos prior to the grand entrance for the reception.  The night was slipping away fast but not before we caught the tail end of the golden sunset.  Before the sun dipped behind the hills of the Snohomish Valley Kyle & Alexa shared a kiss and a stroll along the railroad tracks.
As the reception progressed toasts were shared along with a touching story from Kyle’s mom.  Patrice shared how they had lost Kyle’s brother in a car accident 4 years prior.  It was then she saw a compassionate side of Alexa that was very different than the ‘stalkerish’ 15 year old she once knew.  Alexa cared for Kyle in a way no one else could.  She was there for him day in and day out.  When the nights were long and all you could do was cry.  She also showed Kyle’s mom and dad a persistent love.  Each month on the anniversary day the doorbell would ring and there would be Alexa with a bundle of roses for Patrice & Mike.  Finally on the one year anniversary Patrice told Alexa they were grieving but moving on…that she no longer needed to bring roses.  The next month the doorbell rang and Patrice opened the door…this time Alexa wasn’t there but the doorstep was covered in rose petals.  This girl knows how to silently show love and care. 
Patrice and Mike have received Alexa with open arms and these two families are united in a way that is very special.
It was a very touching toast and meaningful to say the least.  (It's even hard to write this and not cry)...
The night ended with dancing to Kyle & Alexa’s favorite music, EDM…headbanging and enjoying every moment.  I loved seeing a bride & groom together on the dance floor. You can tell they are in it for the long haul.  You two are young and vibrant and simply amazing.


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Venue::  Hidden Meadows 
Caterer:: Trails End
Florist::  Flowers By Tiffany
Cake Artist::  Friends, Teresa & Deborah
DJ & Photobooth::  Otto-Matic Mobile Music, DJ Otto
Wedding Gown::  LaineeMeg Bridal
Designer:: Stella York
Videographer:: Timeproof Productions
Makeup:: Anta, Friend
Hair Stylist:: Rachel, Friend
Shoes:: Sam Edelman
Bridesmaids Gowns:: David’s Bridal
Suits::  Men’s Wearhouse
Rentals:: Sweet Buffet Lady
Officiant:: Cousin, Rand Matter
Photography:: Arlene Chambers Photography
Second Photographer:: Brooks Scribner




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