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Life might be like a box of chocolates...or a PINBALL machine

May 26, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I was dropping the kids off at a birthday hosted at a restaurant the other day. Sounds of coins being shoved in the metal slots and carnival like music from the games echoed down the small hallway.  As I walked by to leave, something glistened out of the corner of my eye.   It was the shiny  ball that was pinging around the pinball machine. (or maybe it was the bright word spelling NASCAR)?

I stood mezmorized for a moment…watching the ball bounce from one end to another…once in a while being held in a pocket racking up the points only to be flung again from top to bottom.  Does it mean it was on the right path or the wrong path…were points the only goal? 

As I sat there with my eyes glued to the ball it made me think…gosh life is kind of like that.  I can often feel like I am in the pinball machine of life…bouncing here to there.  Carpool line, grocery store, managing emotions, fights over nectarines (the big things in life)…not to mention jobs and marriage and oh ya is there where God wants me to be?   Are we held in one spot for a moment for comfort,  only to be flung about in the chaos of life in order to be humbled and have ‘teachable’ moments.

I was listening to Judah from The City Church online the other day and he spoke about ‘Paths’.  Of course our paths all look different but what if you can hardly see your path…or what if your path is so clear it’s hard to think you will ever go off course!  Is it about our path or is it about who we follow no matter that path we are on? 

The pinball machine made me think of paths…and can we use different paths to make the most out of life.  That it’s not right or wrong just simply a curve or dry patch and a period to readjust. 

I also love the words smack in the middle of the machine ‘SHOOT AGAIN’…who doesn’t need a chance to ‘SHOOT AGAIN’, ‘RESET’ or a ‘DO OVER’ button at some point…just another way to shift our perspective and take another look! 

In the midst of being flung about I long for peace.  I do have it… through Christ and although it doesn’t always ‘FEEL’ like it… I know it to be true and trust He’s who I want to follow no matter my path!

I saw this saying on Instagram today on Proverbs 31 Ministries….definitely TRUE!


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