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Tweeners...not a girl...not yet a woman...the 'in-between'

January 27, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Big teeth and braces finally filling those gaps where baby teeth used to live.  Eyebrows expressing and telling a story of how they feel even if only for a split second.  Freckles arriving more prominently each summer.  Eyes allowing us to see deep into a developing soul.  Physical and emotional changes happening almost by the minute.  These are the signs...OF...Tweeners.  That in between stage where they are more than a girl but not yet a woman.  Not to single out the females from the males as boys certainly have their stages as well!

I feel like tweeners are even starting younger now.  Having my own 10 year old, this stage of introductions to electronic devices, IG, snapchat, music-ly and many, I say MANY things...that  I am 'trying' to get a handle on, is ever changing.  With emotions at their all time high and attitudes flying all over the place...I find myself working hard at being ever present to what is going on with them.  Yes the drama is sometimes over the top and the stomping out of the room can happen more often than not, but the tender moments I am having with my daughter(s) in the in between is nothing short of incredibly bonding.  Of course I see a lot of myself in my girls which scares me half to death as I seem to remember that age soooo vividly.  Flooded with emotion and often feeling propels me to want to know them and who they are deep inside (even when it hurts me).

I have photographed more and more girls this age even just within family sessions and have realized how special they feel when I walk a little with them, ask them about who they are and what they like and give them some of their own portraits.  So...why not encourage them to feel special and beautiful in this awkward stage of life and have their own session.

Seeing the girls light up when given a special moment of their own is undeniably priceless and confidence building.  It boosts their self esteem to see their own unique beauty and to have a positive photo experience despite a lot of peer pressure and negativity that surrounds social media.

When friends, looks and feelings are shifting by the minute, photographing them just as they are, prior to their next big stage in life (a high school senior), has become evidently important to them...and me! 

Boys of course are included in this...they too have peer pressure, insecurities and trying to learn who they want to become.  I will say not as many love the camera like girls do however it is more about feeling special and embracing who we are than our gender.  Photos are for making memories...for any age...for any person!  We all deserve love & acceptance right where we are at.


Who doesn't need to document, I mean reallly a PERM...and the 'vintage' photography.



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