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Saying Goodbye...

August 21, 2015  •  1 Comment

Memories of Family Ties, The Cosby Show, Facts of Life roll through my head.  Every evening I would watch these family shows, each ending, seeming to have a somber scene, a scene of someone moving out or the family moving and leaving their home...shutting off the lights, saying Goodbye and exiting to sentimental music.  It was then it was is better to music.

I always dreamed of moving and saying that final goodbye to your childhood living room one watching...just your own tears and knowing within yourself what it means.  All the memories, all the joys, all the pain.

Well yes, I have moved living spaces and countries..but my parents still live in my childhood home and although Bob and I have moved from apartments, we have since been in a home for 13 years that we have not moved from.

I don't think I have to physically move to have this emotion which leads me to a place of gratititude...a place of remembering the good.  Despite what some may know about me I can often remember the negative over the positive.  Maybe it gives me a point of relating or maybe I think it's humility.  I think it borders on ungratefulness and I realize in that reflection, I haven't fully appreciated my husband, my girls or my upbringing...

I know they say things happen for a reason, well I believe God allows things and seasons and thankfully HE guides us through them.  The key is if I choose to LET HIM.  I haven't always let Him and with not letting Him, I have found myself in an ungrateful place.

So rather than moving homes, I am moving to a new perspective.  I am leaving those old ways behind.  It may not be to music and no one may be in the 'room' at the moment...but it's happening and it's freeing!



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