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Little Waves, Big Picture

July 31, 2015  •  1 Comment

I have had a few ...OK MANY hours of laying in the pool this past week.  As I float around I see the ripples and small waves the wind makes as it skims over the top of the water.  As I stare to the bottom of the pool I see the checked floor blur into fuzzy lines.  I see the details fade away and the water blend to array of blue.  I couldn't help but think of God in this.  Questioning if HE has forgotten the small details of my life... OR maybe he wants me to know HE is in the details and in all of those details HE is creating a bigger picture for me to see.  To see HE has a purpose for all I may be going though and yet to experience.  That in both the details and the times things seem blurry HE is there and is ready to show us something more vast.  


As we experienced a sunset cruise the 'bigger picture' became more clear to me.  I can look at things through a microscope and see details or I can step away and see things from afar and see just as many details.  Just a different perspective, both a way I know GOD is teaching me...showing me HE is in 'IT' with me...If I let HIM, HE will show me the right perspective at the right time.


Love this .... but then again, I love most of your photos and thoughts. You are correct and I am glad you and I crossed paths on this life's journey....I have learned from you!! Enjoy the rest of the vacay!
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