Mindy + Nelson:: A Benaroya Hall Wedding in Seattle

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It was high school and maybe it was Mindy’s blonde locks and radiant smile that immediately captivated Nelson.  Or… maybe it was his ‘tallness’, his dark locks, and handsomeness that enamored her.   Either way these two more than noticed each other, they were high school sweethearts.  They dated and had some of their own ups and downs as most teenagers do.  As they entered adulthood and attended college friends and family could see this was more than puppy love.  As Nelson travelled to Texas to visit Mindy at TCU, her friends soon noticed that there was an aching for each other when they were apart.  It seemed different than most relationships around them… Nelson and Mindy had a deep sense of belonging and need to be together. 
They did end up taking some time apart but speaking of puppy love, Nelsons new found responsibility of a little dog required a lot of love.  Something that he knew Mindy knew a lot about…so as he gingerly asked for help caring for the puppy, they found each other caring deeper than ever for each other…and now…after a NYC whirlwind engagement they tied the knot.
At Benaroya Hall in Seattle, their friends and family joined them to celebrate and support them.   As Mindy approached Nelson for the first look you could tell they were anxiously awaiting being able to embrace!! Lining the streets of Seattle her bridal party watched and cheered as Nelson turned around.   He was definitely in awe of her!  So worth the wait…Mindy was stunning!   
We ventured out with their bridal party all the while running into Seattle-ites and tourists  partaking in a scavenger hunt that required a selfie with a bride and groom.  A random gentleman asked for directions and Mindy so graciously stopped to help him.  Their genuine kindness and willingness to help in the midst of their day was awesome! 
We went to the pier down by the great wheel and later headed to Pike Place.  I have to say they were amazing at just being in the moment in the midst of the mob that seems to surround those public areas.  Tourists walking by cheering only made them smile that much more. 
Riley, one of the groomsmen is co-founder of Strideline Clothing and the guys rocked a sock shot for me and the ladies…I must say I was in love with the variety among their dresses.  Especially the backs, although all the same shade of gray I loved how the backs were unique and seemed to suit each girl perfectly.
Later we found a rooftop with a city backdrop that I happen to love!  With some refreshments a moment or two to sit and breathe these two were ready for their vows.
As we entered the ceremony area on the stage at Benaroya, the ‘starry’ night view from the congregation and spotlight on Nelson and Mindy provided the intimate atmosphere they were hoping for…they exchanged vows  and rings and were now Mr. & Mrs. Kramer. 
The cocktail party was on the upper tier of the reception hall and the city view was enjoyed by the guests.  As Mindy & Nelson entered the reception they went right into their first dance…taking a moment to savor their day and breathe!
Toasts by a number of people including the bride’s father were all heartfelt.  Ron, father of the bride had a few toasts within his toast.  He was gracious to thank all who had travelled and joined them in their baby girls big day.  He told Nelson how he has prayed for him from the day Mindy was born and that he couldn’t be more proud to have him as a son in law!  Additionally thanking his daughter for their close relationship and that both he and her mom are so proud of the woman she has become! 
They danced, took in the photobooth, cigars and enjoyed the music by the Michael Benson Band.  I have to say they are a very diverse band and are considered one of Seattle’s most award winning band! 
Everyone gathered outside as Nelson & Mindy exited through an array of sparklers.  Excited to be married and head out to Mexico the next day to enjoy some R&R and sunrays!  Congratulations!!

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Thanks to...

Venue::  Benaroya Hall  
Caterer::  Tuxedos and Tennis Shoes Catering
Wedding Planner::  Karle Coppenrath
Florist::  Aria Style: John Fardner ariastyle.com
Cake Artist:: Edmonds Bakery
Band:: Michael Benson Band
 Hair Artist:: Sensa Salon: Alicia Carlile
Makeup Artist:: Julia Martin
Wedding Gown::  La Bella Elaines, Pronovias
Shoes:: Nordstrom, Badgley Mischka
Bridesmaids Gowns::   Variety
Tuxes:: Macys Socks: Strideline
Photobooth:: Licorice Photography
Rentals::  ABC Rentals

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