Lindsey + Tyson:: Hidden Meadows Wedding

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Lindsey and Tyson aren't one for the camera! I am thankful they put up with me and were so gracious considering Lindsey's heels and how warm the sun was on Saturday!! Lindsey and Tyson met at work, they were friends for a while prior to dating and one day, July 4th to be exact , fireworks determined there could definitely be more to their relationship!  Lindsey & Tyson opted to have a first look and see each other prior to the wedding!!

They have never been ones to show off only two people that thoroughly enjoy simply being together!  And if fireworks happen to be in the air then so be it!! It's a sign! Their wedding was no different! They have friends support them with personalities like fireworks...all dynamic in their own way!! AND family with stories of nicknames and terms of endearment that would make anyone sentimental! From Lindsey's mom being her biggest fan and making sure Lindsey's day was her dad nicknaming her "bird" and how he always watched her in amazement in the process of figuring life out on her her wings to fly!


Her Uncle told a few analogies of birds and different types and how some travel together and others know how to be strong and make it on their own! All the while relating it to Lindsey and although I know I am missing a some parts of the story it resonated with me and make her nickname so fitting! Watching Tyler be so relaxed in this whole process was lovely! He is low key not taking things too seriously yet when seeing Lindsey for the first time was enamored at how stunning she was!

They laughed and embraced and then realized how many people were watching and both ended up a bit coy...honestly their humility makes them even more genuine and relatable! We roamed the grounds at Hidden Meadows in Snohomish, WA and enjoyed the rays of sunshine we were so fortunate to have! Lindsey's step father performed the ceremony and they were both grateful for all who came and supported them as some drove quite a distance to be there!

At this point Tyson may have been ready for the reception and Lindsey ready for more Fireball but they waited a bit longer for the real party to start! Toasts were given by many with the longest being from Tyson's brother -hilarious and repeating all the content may be too much, but hilarious non the less...concluding with Lindsey's fathers tribute thanking many people and reminiscing about Lindsey's childhood! They ended the night with much dancing and from what I hear a party that lasted till 3 am-the Wilders know how to party!!

Congratulations you two and I hope Jamaica is full of fun and relaxation!!!
I feel so blessed to have met you!


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