A Journey within LAX...

May 21, 2015  •  1 Comment

I hopped off the plane at LAX with a dream and my cardigan...well I did hop off the plane at LAX, with my cardigan but not really a dream per se and not intentionally quoting Miley Cyrus' song 'Party in the USA'.

As I exited the plane and walked through the crowded boarding areas, I wasn't needing to find the baggage claim, I was needing to find a corner to sleep  till my connecting flight the next morning.  It was 11 pm and LAX was buzzing!  Maybe I did have a dream and I was in the middle of it as I had just woke up from the flight and now found myself in a swirl of busy-ness!

My connecting gate wasn't posted yet so as I waited a few hours to get that information I decided to people watch, sleep and listen to the DAB (Daily Audio Bible).  As I was listening I kept hearing a common thread in the passages I was listening to 'God will go before you'...'I am with you'...'I will help you'.  Dozing on and off, those words kept echoing in my ears.

As early morning approached I found my connecting gate info and realized I needed to walk to a whole other section of the airport. Somehow I found myself alone, no one else around as I headed towards the Alaska boarding area.

Down the escalator to a long white hallway, rather narrow, with hundreds of medium sized tiles lining the floor.  It was a rather long hallway however I knew it was the path I was suppose to be on.  I saw a red light at the end and I thought 'if I just get to that light I will know where I am'...my thoughts soon shifted as I heard God saying 'I will not only go before you, but I am with you'.  Thinking to myself maybe God is at that red light at the end??  But soon realizing he is with me, helping me, He is not a GOAL I am trying to GET to.  One step at a time He is walking with me.

I approached the red light and thought 'where am I?'  No one around and now entered some sort of construction zone.  Like life, we hit bumps in the road.  Sometimes colorful, interesting bumps...it can even seem fun, dancing and navigating our way around obstacles AND  when not paying attention, they can derail us, be totally distracting and we can get lost. 


I did in fact make my way through the construction and when I looked up I found myself in another long, bright hallway.  I was thankful for the light yet the walk seemed daunting.  Bigger tiles this time, wider steps and a white light at the end however being tired the walk seemed so long.  Again hearing that still small voice assuring me that HE is with me.  And I could do it (whatever 'it' was representing)

Isaiah 41:13 For I am the LORD your God who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you.

I approached the end of the hallway and thinking 'Whew I made it' I saw one of the steepest escalators (aside from the ones at the Disneyland parking garage) it seemed so tall and although bright there was nothing at the top.  I ventured onto the escalator knowing it had to be my next step to where I needed to go.  Only a small sign guided me but somehow I knew it was the right direction.  As I approached the top I began to see.   Signs and arrows and life all around me.  This journey I had walked feeling so alone I was internally being guided, directed and now, although my journey was far from over, I saw life and people buzzing all around me.  To me the people represented love, support and God's blessing.  Even when alone He is with me and has better things for me if I can simply TRUST HIM. 

It was 4 in the morning and maybe I was in a dream but this walk in the LAX airport had such symbolism to me.  God  showed up and blew me away with his analogy for where I was. 

Being the photographer I am I didn't snap any photos of the hallway or construction zone...maybe it was so anyone reading this can have their own visual of what those areas look like for them.  I don't know...either way it gave me peace knowing God is not at the end of our journey but IN it, BESIDE us, WITH us!!  HE is LIGHT!




So very true. You are on the right road.
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