Pine Cones...not acorns they resemble your life?

February 17, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

You would think after 4 full years in business I would finally clue in to the cycle of business in the photography world.  Well I have, except,I am not sure I have fully embraced it.  I get so used to the busy seasons of summer and fall that when January hits and I can breathe normally I don’t know what to do with myself.  Let’s be honest, there are always things to do.  As a small business owner all the exciting things like taxes and paperwork are constantly lurking however that’s definitely not as fun as shooting. 

With the downshift of the new year (and Bob laughing thinking ‘wow this is the slow season??), 2015 is teaching me to take time to rejuvenate.  Busy doesn’t mean better.  I am a mom and a wife and it’s ok to take a minute, maybe even TWO,  to breathe and JUST BE!  To sit with my husband in the evenings and savor being married!

We try to travel a bit in the first quarter of the year…well ok maybe every quarter but especially the first quarter.  This year so far we took the girls to Los Angeles in January  for a little vacay and in February had my parents here from Saskatchewan. 

One morning as I was out for run I saw a pinecone.  It stuck out to me…It had a beauty I never really saw in one before….to me it had so many resemblances to life.  As much as I like to blog sometimes I get stuck as it’s hard to really convey all the layers within ones’ self.  We portray what we want on social media and rarely let people into the real us.  But when we do it’s kind of like this pine cone.

You realize people have many layers…all intricate and unique.   There is more to them than just the external spiky-ness you may see.  And gosh I know I can be prickly somedays (just don't ask Bob)!

When I looked close this pine cone it had dirt on the spikes, some were even covered in sticky sap.  Like life.  Each season, each road different.  Some are smooth and some are rough and some certainly prickly.  Up close it seems bumpy and messy but when you step back and you see the full ‘cone’, you see a wholeness, a beauty that makes it what it is.  All of our roads, twists and turns,  make us who we are.  What would happen if you asked someone about their life...their messy beautiful!?

I am taking this season to revel in that.  To knowing who God made me and the path he has me on and learning from paths I have been on. 

My sister n law shared a verse  with me the other day Isaiah 41:13::

For I am the Lord your God
    who takes hold of your right hand
and says to you, Do not fear;
    I will help you.

As we walked along the sidewalk to Venice beach while visiting LA we saw these random sayings painted on the sidewalk…anyone who knows me knows I love quotes, and verses and sappy lyrics…so of course a photo of them was a must!


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