Photographing Life...

August 16, 2012  •  2 Comments

Life has a way of happening and sometimes really fast.  I had this idea, and though making a video is not original, it was something new to me.  To put myself out there, to  hear my own voice and to see myself in movie form…eeeeeek…kind of a scary thing…and now has become reality.

I met with Michael of Makeshift Studios and BAM!!! he made it happen.  He brought 3 of his talented guys and together they followed, videoed, and spliced this all together!  They put up with my lame jokes, quirky laughs and pulled out of me what I really wanted to say!!  I think they sometimes wondered what they had gotten themselves into when my laughter turned to tears.  I realized I was more sentimental over photography and life than I thought.  I think they may be videographers/counselors.

To everyone who was part of the video, how do I begin to thank you!?  Willing, patient, and all with a great sense of humor.  I would not have a business without you and certainly would not have this video.  It's people like you that make me love what I do!!  THANK YOU!!

In a world of insecurity and vulnerability, photography has shown me how beauty really does shine from the inside out.  So it was my turn to practice what I preach.  I got in front of the camera, surrounded by friends and clients (who are now friends) and they let me be me and together we photographed (videoed) life.  
Thank you to my husband who gets to hear all about everything ALL the time...poor  "lucky" guy!!!

I am so blessed that I GET to do this…I photograph LIFE!Moments of Impact...




To view a gallery of photos from this video please click here. Special thanks to everyone at Makeshifts Studios for all of their time & talent. You guys are incredible! Thank you to everyone who agreed to take part in the video, to Timaree Garberg for hair & makeup and to Anna Shipley of Annas Flowers for the bouquets. Feel free to share, thanks for watching!






Kateyn Duim(non-registered)
This video is amazing! You are so gorgeous, and your work is just as wonderful!
Anna Shipley(non-registered)
Beautiful Arlene! Inside and out! I just love it! cant wait to work with you!
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