Better late than never??

August 02, 2012  •  1 Comment

It's a beautiful thing, this wonderful being growing inside your belly...yet your mind...hugely impacted.  More than just hormones, the actual fibers that keep your memory in tact are forever changed.  Mine are no longer in tact!!  I used to have a memory like a rock.  I didn't have to write anything down, everything hard coded in my brain.  Dates, phone numbers, zip codes, social security numbers, alien numbers (yep I am an Alien according to the US Government).  

Buying Birthday, Valentine, Christmas cards etc. etc. a week or so in advance, filling them out promptly with plenty of time for the mail to cross the border into Canada and arrive at my friend or families mailbox!!  Now you would think with facebook reminders and all the calendars we have at our fingertips it would be easier than ever to remember.  Um...nope...for your calendar to remind you, you have to enter the date into it first...oops!  And I am not blaming my lack of remembering on not caring.  I care...I care a lot!!  And I KNOW it has nothing to do with me entering the latter part of my 30's, it's merely all the cells that were stolen from me during pregnancy. 

(Thanks to Caskey Design for the cutest card designs ever!)

All of this to say, I may be a day (or two) late, but I am not a dollar short...and I am proud to say my parents celebrated their 41st Wedding Anniversary.  I kinda like the off years.  Yes 40 deserves a big to do...but so does 41 and every other year in between.  41 years...41 years!!!! It's hard to fathom but I am grateful and love that they are not only still in love but more importantly committed!!  Committed to making it last!  What a huge example and legacy...Thank you MOM & DAD!!!  Love you!



Alena Nieves(non-registered)
Im not the only one that has lost brain cells?! I had the same I walk around my kitchen island in complete circle...and wonder what I was doing and looking for :)
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