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We walked and walked, hiked and hiked and when we couldn’t trudge along anymore we did what we needed to do…kept walking.

All you see is miles of hills, rocks, a so called trail,  porters with their white packs on their heads getting smaller and smaller in the distance as they pass by us trekking  a fast pace through the wilderness of Africa.   Dirt, swirling all around us, just when you think you couldn’t be dirtier the wind would pick up and sprinkle another dusting over us!

Did I mention there was dirt?

We followed this ‘trail’ that seemed to lead nowhere.  We were supposed to be getting closer to this mountain but were we?  As six hours of walking felt like it was ten and 5 miles was truthfully 12… I couldn’t take another step, not one more BUT magically over the hill was our camp.  How,  in the middle of all the terrain and rocks could there appear a somewhat flat place for an army of tents…regardless of how - there it was!!!

When I think back to Africa and the first 5 days of our ‘hike’…peace comes to mind.  Not a lot happened.  We had minimal sickness,  I think a minor headache was the worst our team experienced.  I hate to admit it but we ate like Kings…the food the chefs prepared over a little gas burner was nothing short of incredible.  I thought I would be listening to my ipod non-stop to keep my brain from going crazy but no…we walked, sometimes not talking, not listening to anything and it was BEAUTIFUL.  Maybe it’s Africa or maybe it’s what we as humans need to do once in a while.  Stop and listen…listen to nothing.  Appreciate that we can feel the wind blowing and the sun on our face.  That we can be alone with our thoughts and be sane! 

I have returned to life as we know it in Washington, but not without remembering those days of peace and solitude.  To remember what everyone says in Africa ‘No worries, no problem’…about everything.  It’s ok to take a break, it’s ok to do nothing for a moment or maybe even a whole day – what a concept!  And as my husband would say ‘RELAX’!!

Now back to enjoying some coffee...


Stephanie Ruybal(non-registered)
Awesome! I love your words, they flow and I relate..
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