My life in e-cards...

July 18, 2012  •  1 Comment

I wish I could get a tan from my computer screen.

I promise I think about you...does that count?

I remember life before email but I am still in my 20's (at least in my head)!

Some friends you just can't live without!!

My husband has taught me how to relax!

I must be hungry A LOT!!

I'm only a "little" competative!!

I like to pin and I like to eat...I just pretend calories don't count!

Africa was fun but sorry REI I am trading in the backpack and zip off pants for some new Nordstrom wedges or boots...or maybe both!

Today I AM working...on catching up on the Bachelorette!!


Janet Walker(non-registered)
That made me laugh out loud!
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