College, 2 blondes and a little Worldshakin'!

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There was no way I was going to Bible College. I mean I was enrolled in University taking business, living with my small town high school friend!! I was all settled in, went to orientation and out with fellow classmates! This was college life!!

A quick stop by the Bible college down the street from the University would change everything. As I briefly said hello to my brother I proceeded to take a mini tour of the girls dorm.  A girl down the hall bounced out of her room and said " I have a free bed and need a roommate!!"...I gave her a half smile and thought to myself " I am soooooo not living here".
I checked out a couple of rooms and met these 2 blonde cousins. Funny, energetic and yep blonde in every sense of the word. I kinda liked it!!
Dawneil, 5'11" with crazy spiral curly hair told me about this program she enrolled in...'Worldshakers'. Being the worldshaker I am, I was intrigued...tell me more...traveling, somewhere hot...missions...I can deal with that! Hmmm I'm in...but I'm soooo not living here!
The more I talked with the duo I was ALMOST convinced, but seriously move out??... unenroll from university really!!??
Knowing full well all I had to do is say the words and my parents would be ecstatic to have me go to Bible college...that's all they ever wanted but with my rebellious nature it was all I could do to run the other way. Surprising myself I said "yep I'm in...sign me up".

My good friend Charity was very gracious and understanding, and as we worked out the rent and roommate situation I moved into dorm life!!
I attended my first " Worldshakers" meeting, wearing a sleeveless vest and shorts.  As the door squeaked open and I bashfully entered the room, the team seemed to collectively hold their breath. No not because of my beauty (ha ha)...I was not following dress code. No sleeves and shorts...didn't I know this was Bible college!! I soon learned the rules and pushed where I could and obliged when I needed!!
The 2 blondes and I became fast friends. I mean when you travel with one (Dawneil) and the other (Leah) starts making out dating your makes for a bond that after 17 years is still unshakeable!!

We've had some crazy times...many nights of laughter, many phone calls with tears. I met my husband while in vacation with Dawneil and Leah had a baby the day of Dawneils wedding! We will forever be intertwined and the best of friends.
I have the pleasure of spending the next week with Dawneil and her family...poolside...sharing sunshine and much conversation!!!
... here's to life and the road we never expect it to take us!!


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