Venturing Out...Arusha style

June 21, 2012  •  5 Comments

Venturing into a new city is one thing, but a new continent and culture is another. It's really a different world and not like the TV show from the 90's.
We made our way into the town of Arusha, trying to take it all in.  The narrow streets, the massive amounts of people, driving on the 'wrong' side of the road and the vast aromas that seemed to seep into the air and collide to make their own unique smell.  I love to think that photography can make you feel 'something', stop time for a brief moment, but the one thing it can't do is share a smell.  It's hard to put into words something that is such a
 huge part of the experience of being here but I will try...humidity, must, sweat, chickens, dust, exhaust, spices, fresh fruit, meat, wood carvers...all of that combined to make its own perfume! 

I have to say that is kind of the neat part of being here.  Enjoying all of the differences but appreciating home all the more.  The streets are
lined with people, families, on barely anything.  So happy when we choose to buy from their fruit stand, and us never knowing how it may impact them...hoping that the little bit we share could maybe make a difference.

The women, so strong, carrying 40 lbs of whatever it may be, on their head and yet I complain when my many grocery bags are too heavy.
The kids, so young, walking alone but finding solice in holding the hand of their friend beside them and laughing along the way.
The men, fighting to provide..some more motivated then others but even in a culture so far from our own they long to be the providers for their families.
All of this to say, as we approach the day we are going to start our ascend on Mount Kilamanjaro, no matter the outcome, we have so much to learn and be thankful for. I see joy in these peoples eyes despite their poverty.  They still hurt but they still love.  We have an opportunity of a lifetime to take on
this adventure and I am excited for what God is going to show us as He is already revealing so much on how to appreciate the everyday life!


Miss u so much....praying for u safe and enjoy Gods handy work .....ur sister from another mister. Seeu soon oxox
Awesome! Love hearing about your experiences! Have the best time on your climb, you'll do fantastic...and know that we're all here praying for your safety!
Stacy Philpott(non-registered)
Love your postings Arlene and your pictures are beautiful! Continue to keep us all posted!
Lisa Smith(non-registered)
Beautiful photos! Love the little girls' hair.
Stephanie Ruybal(non-registered)
Awesome post! Feels like Im there with you all reading this! xo
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