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June 04, 2012  •  2 Comments

Last night I had the privilege of photographing two different families...both with girls...sisters.  It reminded me of the bond we have as sisters.  We love, we fight, we love to fight.  But at the end of the day, from babies to adulthood we will forever be bonded by 'sisterhood'. 

I am reminded everyday, having two girls of my own, how different sisters can be!  I too have a sister.  She is six years younger than me and although we are very different we do have similarities too.  It's sometimes weird to see her talk or the way she uses her hands when she's like looking in a mirror...odd but kind of enlightening at the same time! Although distance keeps us from seeing each other much it doesn't change the bond we have.  I am fortunate to have photographed a lot of sisters and I can see how special each and every connection is. 

Photos below courtesy of Grant Romancia.

This week my sister and her husband are celebrating their 2nd wedding anniversary.  The first two years of much love, so much change, and life together is in full swing.  They have started their own cake business, Bridge City Cakes, and let me say Wayne is pretty talented.  Arvelle works full time at the Universtiy of Saskatchewan but is a huge help and supporter to their business. I am so proud of them and wish them much happiness.  CONGRATULATIONS...I love you very much...and know I think of you often!!!  Here's to LOVE...



I could not imagine life on earth without my sisters. I am the big sister, so I know I can get a little crazy and super annoying, BUT I would give my life for my sisters...... NO DOUBT!!!! I LOVE them more than words and to the moon and back! Thank you so much for spending time with us yesterday!! We needed to spend a little time together as sisters and we had fun with you:)
Happy tears :) My sisters make my world such a better place. My good times are my best memories when they are there. I know that I will always have their hands reaching down into whatever dark hole I may fall into to pull me out. I can read their minds in one glance. There is nothing like sisterhood. Mine are the best ...Thank you for snapping our bond :)
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