Pushing & Going too far...

June 06, 2012  •  1 Comment

Sometimes posing your clients can 'pose' a challenge...yes pun intended.  Especially if they aren't sure if they want 'that' photo. Of course I like the candid moments in between but there are always a handful of posed photos my clients want.  So how far do you push?  Part of my 'strategy' (if you call it that) is to do the comfortable poses first...get them in front of the camera and to realize it's not that scary.  Then little by little direct them into trying new things.  It's funny how the same pose can look different with each couple or how their interpretation moves them into something that turns out fabulous!!  Side note...SO excited for Natasha & Joes Whidbey Island wedding this weekend....

A few weeks ago I had Charlene & Pat pose for a close up portrait...as I directed Charlene to wrap her arms around Pat and Pat hold her hand she proceeded to tell me 'this isn't really us'.  Being the good sport she is she humored me and gave it a shot and let me get in close.  I personally love how it turned out but the best part is so does she!!  She loves it!! She called me the other day and said it was one of her favorite images from the session!!  WIN!!!!!

Of course we had these images too which gave them the candid feel they wanted!!

I think in the end it comes down to earning your clients trust and having some fun...the end result...you both get images you love!!


Erica Fox(non-registered)
Nice article Arlene. Posing can sure be a struggle sometimes.
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