One of a Kind

June 16, 2012  •  1 Comment

As my parents arrive today to care for our children as we head to Africa - I think back to my childhood remember a few things about my dad Being that Fathers Day is approaching I thought it was only fitting to pay tribute to him! 

My dad is kind of and Old MacDonald type...not just because he had a farm, and not because he liked to sing 'E I E I O'...but mainly because we raised not only one of many types of animals... but herds and pairs and barn fulls of these animals.  As I told the story of our rabbit raising days to my girls the other we had over 200 rabbits, all in their own cages and the type of bottle they drank out of and how they ate (and stunk)...but oh so cute.  And of our Ostriches we had in a special barn with a running pen.  How we had random people come to our yard to see them and we just hoped they would perform their mating dance so they felt it was worth the stop!   My dad and his crazy ideas but no matter the outcome always smiling and laughing. 

Now that's another thing about my dad...his laugh...he is rather quiet...he doesn't have a lot to say but the man will laugh...and it sounds like a machine gun!!  It's amazing to me that his laugh is the same tone and the sound is evenly dispursed all the way through.  It's something that is HIM and I LOVE it.

My dad is shorter in stature...5'5" but if you think you can beat him in a race you have another thing comin'.  We used to race him all the time, sure that the more we practiced and the older he got we'd be able to eventually beat him...NOPE!!  He still races my cousins and wins everytime.  Kind of like road runner...those short little legs kick it into high gear and next thing you know he's left you in the dust, hopped a fence an is off doing his work for the day.

I think most of all I love my dads sensativity.  As I mentioned he is quiet, being the oldest of 4 boys and having rather boisterous brothers he is certainly the most subdued...BUT...sensative.  His ice blue eyes would often tear up as he gave us a hug.  When he met my daughter for the first time at 10 days old, he didn't say much but the watery eyes said enough. 

Sometimes dad when I want you to talk but you just hug me and give me that's enough and I love you for it!   Thanks for being you and loving all of us with and without words!  You are one of a kind!

He loves my mom more than anything in the world - they act like giddy teenagers half of the time...but hey...I will take it and try to learn by example!

Last but not least...a shout out to my hubby!!!  A wonderful husband and amazing dad!!  Here's to dealing with a house full of girls and hormones!!  HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!!!!!!  Papa we are so excited for your visit!!!!!!



Arlene....what a wonderful tribute to your dad....You are BOTH pretty fortunate from this granny's viewpoint.....Happy Day to Mr. Bob also....
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