The Climb, The Fall & Fierce like Katniss!

May 21, 2012  •  1 Comment


In the attempt to fit in a few hikes before we head to Africa to climb Mount Kilimanjaro (yes I am still going….ahhhh), we climbed Mount Si  in North Bend on Saturday.  Ya I know, not even close to what we will face in Africa however it was good practice and necessary for my peace of mind (or maybe lack thereof) :)

The hike up was good, I was trying to set a personal record but it’s not really hard to be when I have no previous record!  I made It up in an hour and thirty minutes, I don’t really know how that fares but I was just glad I didn’t bite the dust on some of the twists and turns.

We made it to the top…didn’t attempt the Haystack, but thought about it, that counts right!? Saw a squirrel…who was trying to get a nut…but hey who’s not!?  And a bird almost stole my friends sandwich…again you put it out there, beware you might lose it!  After enjoying the view for a bit it was time to head down. 

Now it’s kind of amazing they haven’t invented something to help train with going downhill (again maybe they have but I am not an avid hiker so I have no clue).  Regardless I put my headphones in and thought ‘heck ya I’ll run, it will make me get to the bottom faster’.  As I am running, my eyes are watering, I’m sweating, my nose is running (yep I’m a site for sore eyes)…and I keep thinking “Man my left toe keeps catching on rocks…what’s the deal!?”  “Just don’t fall…don’t fall…that would be sooo embarrassing…don’t fall!”   So what do I do…I FALL…in slow motion I goooooo doooooowwwwwwnnnnnn, over a rock and onto another rock, and I am not stopping! "What is going on!?"  My backpack, and all I have in it, is propelling me forward onto another rock and another rock…finally after laying there in disbelief I jump up…as if I was as fierce as Katniss with my bow and arrow, I look around, back and forth… one to be seen…which means no one saw me…which means it didn’t happen.  RIGHT!?  As if on Hunger Games myself I knew there was no time to stop…so I continued down the hill.  Thankfully I wasn’t on a game show and thankfully I wasn’t too scraped up as I ran into some clients whose wedding I am photographing in September…wow so glad they didn’t have to pick me up off the ground!    I made it to the bottom with time to spare (again racing against myself) but had time to pick up my pride before the others made it down to head home.

I am sure this is just the beginning of many hiking stories to come…Africa please be kind to me!  29 days is coming fast!



Holy cow u were lucky. Ur guardian angel is working OT for careful. Luv ya
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