Reading & A little Spring Cleaning...

May 17, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

I must admit I am not much of a reader…I would say I am more of a listener.  I would rather listen to a book on my ipod or have my husband read an article and give me the summarized version of it.  I would love to say that I read tons of books and read often, but it’s just not me.  Now a magazine or catalog that I have down pat.  I can read one of those “books” in about 10 minutes flat!!

All of that to say Spring sometimes makes me think I should read…but instead I get in the mode of cleaning.  This week it was a combination of cleaning my desk, my cameras and my mind! 

My desk..easy…make a pile, move stuff from one side to the other, put a few things in a drawer and psychologically it’s ‘clean’ ! 

My cameras…take them into the “Camera Clinic” (a little hole in the wall shop that is fast and amazing).  I’m not sure why it evokes such a good feeling but it truly feels great to know my cameras and lenses are fresh and I can ‘see’ clearly! 

*obviously not my everyday camera :)


Now my mind…that is a little more tricky…not necessarily to clean it but to clear it.  Working out is  a huge part of that.  Although somedays it’s easier to avoid working out…instead to eat edit, or watch TV play with my kids, or do house and yard work, I realize how crucial exercise is to my psyche. Whether a little or a lot, sometimes it has little to do with physical results and more to do with just breathing and keeping perspective on life.   

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